CNC Component Engineering

CNC Precision Components Engineering 

Component EngineeringWithover 50 years of precision enginering experience, C-Mac canmachine CNC precision componentsfrom small to large volume. Usually a OEM part is either not available from the original facatory or the overse factory has been shut down. To solve these problems, ourCNC precision engineers和商人可以使用“穿”或破碎的正本parts as a template to discern what is required and produce a engineering drawing, re-engineering the new component as or better than the original. Qualiy and functionality can also be improved to......[Click here to see details]

Reverse Engineering Services Sydney

Reverse EngineeringAs areputable manufacturing company, C-Mac's reverse engineers and trades staff can use different CNC machinery and engineering tools toreverse engineer any damaged and worn parts back to its orginal sizes and shapewith no compromise on quality and functionality. We are able to machine pins, pulleys, fittings, threading, rollers, screws, shafts and couplings and different types of gears include spur gear, helical gear, worm gear, herringbone gears and sprockets. All are done in short lead time......[Click here to see details]

Re-engineering Services Sydney

Re-engineeringWhen a worn/damaged precision machine part is re-engineered througha reverse engineering process, the component can be upgraded with a better design and material specification. With advanced CNC Machines and expreienced CNC engineers, tradesmen, design and product engineers in house, C-Mac is able tore-engineer the damage/worn part的更高的标准升级材料,他nce the replacement parts performance would be greatly improved giving it a longer life. These services can be provided for breakdown situations and schedules production line closures. All done with quality workmanship in mind and providing short lead times to.......[Click here to see details]

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